Hi, my name is Emily Cegledy. I am a candidate for the SC Senate, District 34. This district is my home. I was lucky enough to move to Pawleys Island when I was 7 years old. We moved here from Maine because my father worked for the paper mill in Georgetown. I graduated from Waccamaw High School in 1999, and I followed my mother’s footsteps into the nursing profession. I have been a Registered Nurse since 2004, and I have experience in pediatric oncology and emergency room nursing. Currently, I am a Registered Nurse Case Manager. I have a Masters Degree in Healthcare Leadership and Administration.

My husband, Vince, and I have been married for 17 years. We have three kids together. They keep us busy with marching band, football, and soccer games. We also love to go to the beach as a family and spend time enjoying the natural beauty of this area.

I love kids, and I pledge to put kids first. We need safer schools, smaller class sizes and free Pre-K for all 4 year olds. We also need to improve teacher salaries and work harder to retain them. Investing in our children is the best economic plan for our future.

As a nurse, every day I meet people who need help. People who cannot afford their medications, elderly patients that are abandoned and financially abused, people who need better access to mental health programs…the list goes on. Our community healthcare partners, DSS, and advocacy groups are trying their best to help with these big problems, but they can’t do it alone. We need help that can only come from legislative efforts. South Carolina is regressing, failing to expand protection to our most vulnerable residents. In the long run, Medicaid cuts cost our society more money. Healthy people result in cost savings.

As your Senator, I will also work to conserve our environment. To me, this is common sense. Growing up in Pawleys Island, I have witnessed rapid growth and changes to our area. I understand the importance of careful planning and conservation. Off-shore drilling has risks that far outweigh any benefits. I promise I will never support off-shore drilling or testing. That is an easy promise for me to make. Let’s keep District 34 beautiful.

I would appreciate your vote in November 2020. I will be a strong voice for education, healthcare and our environment. Our future will be bright. Thank you!

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