Litchfield Beach, SC

We live in a beautiful district. In fact, a lot of our voting District includes the ocean! I guess it is too bad marine life can’t vote.


To me, protecting our environment is common sense. Obviously we should take a strong stance against off shore drilling. It simply isn’t worth the risk. Not only do we all love the natural beauty of this area, but our economy is also grounded in tourism. Why would anybody even consider risking it?

I’m so happy that Mr. Goldfinch is starting to “evolve” on this issue, but that is a very recent change. Previously he has spoken in favor of off shore drilling and even accepted money from oil companies. We don’t need a wishy washy Senator making decisions about our coastline. Our environment is just too precious. I promise to be a strong voice for environmental protection and conservation. I will never vote in favor of off shore drilling or testing.

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