Emily Cegledy

The Brightest Future for SC-34

Emily’s Priorities


  • Safer Schools
  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Higher Teacher Pay


  • No Off-Shore Drilling. Ever.


  • Safer Hospitals
  • Improved Mental Health Care
  • Prior Authorization Transparency

A New Voice

A Different Perspective

Emily is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Nursing Management and Executive Leadership. She understands the complicated issues that impact our healthcare system. She was raised in Pawleys Island and understands the importance of common sense environmental protection. She is a Mom, with children in our local public schools. Imagine the good changes that could happen if we had a healthcare expert in the SC Senate. Don’t we have enough career politicians and lawyers in Columbia?


What People Say

My Mom wants to be a superhero. She wants to protect the environment, kids and make sure sick people get the help they need. That’s going to be hard. But she can be a pretty mean mom sometimes. She takes away my Xbox when I don’t do my chores. I think she can do it.

Vinny Cegledy

My Mom is really smart and expects that we always try our best. She will try her best. She is also Pawleys Island’s worst golfer.

Mary Cegledy

Can I have some chocolate milk?

Frankie Cegledy

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